Apply for Admission

Admission to DUKE is competitive, and prospective students are required to complete the application form, provide the most recent/current transcripts and/or diplomas.

Students can decide the preferred starting date (one of the five regular dates or summer intake). Each term lasts two months (except summer school) and students can choose different courses every two months.

Acceptance letters will be issued to international students for visa application purposes. Duke Academy can also provide students with homestay options based on their needs. Additional services such as airport pick-up are also offered. For further information, please contact us at

Admission Process

1. Complete and submit the Duke Academy Application for Admission Form and application documents
– Copy of passport information page (if any)
– Copy of academic transcripts (required)
– English Language Proficiency Test Score (if any)
– Ontario high school credits (if any)

Please click the ‘Apply Now’ button to complete the Duke Academy Application for Admission Form)

2. Pay application fee $250 CAD (non-refundable, required)

3. Issue of Conditional Offer of Acceptance

4. Payment of Fees

5. Issue the Official Acceptance Letter

Students will be notified of their application status within a week after all required documents are submitted.

Admission Process on Our End

An evaluation of the applicant’s qualifications usually takes three business days.